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Geography School Trips


From densely populated 21st century hypercities to the wilderness of the Arctic Circle, our geography study tours enable your group to study the Earth’s natural landscapes and phenomena and witness both its effects on and how it is affected by human societies, economies and technologies. 

Get out of the classroom and experience geology and glaciation, tectonic systems from lave fields to fault lines to continental rifts. Examine urbanisation and sprawl, industry and sustainability. Consider cultural diversity and environmental change, walk through canyons, climb mountains and volcanoes, and see different and diverser ecosystems and dynamic river and fluvial systems. Gain new understanding of geothermal processes, sustainable energy and hydropower. Whether it is the Jurassic coast line of Southern England, or the Asian Ring of Fire, we arrange trips that suit every individual budget and learning aim.

To tailor your perfect geography school trip just get in touch.

Suggested Geography School Trips

Geography Trip to Iceland

Geography Trip to Iceland

Forged through the dynamic combination of fire and ice, the dramatic landscape of Iceland offers a huge range of geographic and geological features to see and investigate

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