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Berlin School Trips


From almost total destruction at the end of World War 2 and central point in the ' Cold War ' modern Berlin has become a world city of culture, politics, media and science.

If any city can lay claim to being the epicentre of the Twentieth Century, then it is surely Berlin. Turmoil, strife and notoriety have today been supplanted by regeneration, creativity and optimism.

Berlin is understandably hugely popular with History groups. Access to locations, buildings, and evidence studied in GCSE and A-Level courses is simply superb, and what can be difficult and complicated history is expertly presented and explained both at the sites themselves and with the help of your dedicated Tour Director.

Berlin is also a great draw for Art & Design groups, politics students and those studying the German language

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Suggested History School Trips

Berlin 20th Century

Berlin 20th Century


The rise of German dominance in European history and international relations is no better reflected than in Berlin’s turbulent past, evidence for which abounds

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Suggested Modern Languages School Trips

German Language Trip to Berlin

German Language Trip to Berlin

The story of Berlin is in many ways the story of Germany itself.

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