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The Norman Invasion of 1066

The Norman Invasion of 1066

One of our History School Trips

The year 1066 is regarded as a watershed in English history as it is generally regarded as the start of the medieval period. It represents the transition of an England divided by small semi-independent kingdoms, often bickering amongst themselves, to one unified by central control through the introduction of feudalism and a program of nationwide castle building. And of course the catalyst for this change was the Battle of Hastings.


Suggested School Trip Itinerary

Day 1 Morning visit to Battle Abbey and the battle of Hastings in Sussex. Onward transfer to Caen, via Dover to Calais channel crossing, with evening meal on arrival.

Day 2 Bayeux & Caen, including Tapestry, Cathedral and tomb of William the Conqueror in the Abbey of St Etienne

Day 3 The medieval city of Rouen and return transfer to UK

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Associated Destinations : France 

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